It is a dream impossible and vision come true,” says Suman, owner-manager at The Hermitage.Conceived in the seventies by two ex- students of Mussoorie, Suman and Anil, it then seemed a wild and preposterous idea to introduce hospitality in this remote and rugged terrain. The outcome of sheer determination, hard work and labor of love, it has withstood its fair share of trials and triumphs. Proudly reminiscing of being the pioneers to mark Kanatal as a little tourist destination The Hermitage offers a simple but joyous unique experience in hospitality.

Idyllically located atop a ridge overlooking The Himalayan Ranges in the north and deep blue mountain valleys to the south, The Hermitage is framed against a serene Rausli forest. Peering through are sweeping views of the snowcapped Himalayan peaks. The mysticism and simplicity of nature’s perfections un-ravel here right through the year. Discovering wild fruit in spring and summer, wrapping in the undulating meadows of wild flowers in the monsoons or culminating ultimately under the blanket of winter snow, Kanatal and its scanty local community is a distant reality for some and a dream come true for others.