• “Make that call. Grab a seat. Come join us. 

  • The Glass House Cafe’ Sitting on the edge of the Rausli Forest

  • Cool Casual and Comfortable

  • The Diner

Time passes and with the travellers profile so does the menu. Adding to The Cafe’ Chilli & Chips’ which serves healthy snacks and bevs through the day, now open to public is The Village Diner. On offer is fresh and wholesome North Indian Curries & Breads, Succulent Tandoori, Big Breakfasts, Jain Food and mouth watering Desserts. Not to be missed is our very own take on the Local Garhwali Cuisine!

The food is freshly prepared from local produce and is an absolute must. There is a glass house café, an open-air ramp with panoramic views, and an enclosed buffet diner, that make the sit down open air or indoor dining experiences memorable..